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Our Services

Credits and Incentives Corporation is an industry leader in the transferable state tax credits market. Our team of experienced state tax incentive experts has collectively managed over 2,500 transactions totaling in excess of $2 billion in various state tax credits. We are able to quickly and efficiently monetize earned tax credits on behalf of awardees. With state tax incentive programs evolving constantly, our team works diligently to educate tax credit buyers and sellers of the intricacies of each program.

Our Mission

Credits and Incentives Corporation is devoted to being a part of your team to simplify and manage the sale and transfer of your state tax incentive award. For tax credit sellers, we work to deliver the fullest value of your credit within fair market parameters. And for buyers, our focus is on maximizing risk-free tax savings with efficiency.

Types of Credits

Film and Audiovisual Tax Credits

With deep roots and relationships in the entertainment industry, we are experts in placing film and audiovisual tax credits throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. With our trusted partners, we can assist productions from A to Z – advising on applying and qualifying for tax credits, legal and tax planning, production services and tax credit monetization. Examples of popular state film tax credit programs in which we can assist you with include:

  • Georgia Film Tax Credits

  • New Jersey Film & Digital Media Tax Credits

  • Puerto Rico Production Tax Credits

  • Illinois Film Production Tax Credit

  • Massachusetts Production Tax Incentives

  • Pennsylvania Film Tax Credits

  • Montana MEDIA Tax Credit

Historic Tax Credits


Historic building rehabilitation projects often yield both federal and state tax credit components. Our team can identify a state tax credit buyer on your behalf and introduce you to a Federal tax credit investor. Some of the most active historic tax credit programs include:

  • Texas Historic Preservation Program

  • Massachusetts Historic Rehabilitation Program

  • Iowa Historic Preservation Program

Puerto Rico Research and Development (R&D) and Tourism Tax Credits


Puerto Rico’s robust R&D and historic tax credit programs yield sizeable tax credits. Our team can help you navigate the sale and transfer process, matching your project with reputable tax credit buyers capable of purchasing tax credits of any size at the best possible market rate.

Puerto Rico Tax Incentives


Based in Puerto Rico, our resident tax lawyer can help you secure a tax incentives decree under Puerto Rico’s Act 60, which provides incentives for individual investors, export service providers and manufacturing or pharmaceutical companies relocating to Puerto Rico.

Added Value of Working with C&I

With over 25 years of combined experience managing tax credit placement and incentives advisory in most states and Puerto Rico, our team of experts hold:

  • An extensive network of reliable and reputable tax credit buyers

  • Longstanding relationships with appropriate government agencies that issue tax credits

  • A team of tax lawyers with deep knowledge of complex tax credit rules and regulations

  • Trusted partners that provide ancillary services such as applying for the tax credits, historic consulting, production services, and others

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